Don’t Worry About the Packing Process

Don’t Worry About the Packing Process

Leave the packing to the professionals in Charlestown, Sellersburg & Jeffersonville, IN

Moving day is coming up, and you have an abundance of boxes and more belongings than you thought you had. Take some of the stress out of your move with the help of Your Moving Source LLC. Your Charlestown, Sellersburg & Jeffersonville, IN and surrounding areas moving team carries a full line of packing materials to pack and load your items. We can load our truck and move them for you, or we can load a rented truck so you can move on your own.

Just dial 812-647-5136 to schedule your packing service.

3 items to avoid packing

You have plenty of things to pack, but there are a lot of items you should leave out of the moving truck. Here are a few items you shouldn’t pack:
  1. Food – edibles can attract pests and spoil on the way to your destination
  2. Prescription medication – make sure to have quick access to medication before, during and after the move
  3. Dangerous chemicals – these could leak and pose a safety hazard for your family and the moving team

You can count on Your Moving Source to help you pack your belongings.